NEW LUXE accessories, Bolt, Spring Guides !!

Paintballs Pro's best kept secret - NEW DeSIGNZ......  
Spec R, G4 Backcap
X7 Phenom Dual Trigger Kit
Phenom Hi-Flow Fitting
Impulse RIP Valve

DP G3 Spec-R, G4 Backcap
Improves many areas of the G4

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NEW G3 Spec-R, G4 Backcap, more info below. Phenom dual finger triggher is here!!!

NEW Tippmann & BT variable weight hammer kits are here. From 69.2 - 120 grams, and user adjustable with 14 different combinations.

 NDZ on a long time ago..

*NEW* lighter, smoother face, increased velocity, what more could you ask for. Click here for more info.

*NEW* Pro Series Bolt Kit for the Phenom. Click here for more detailed information.

*NEW* LP Firing Can for the LUXE. 2pc design, easy o-ring replacement and more.. Click here for info.

*NEW* Tippmann 98, A5, X7 Cyclone ratchet and axle mod. Allows faster more reliable feeds. Click here for more detailed information..

*NEW* Invert MINI Bolt Spring Kits. With the V3 Bolt this will give you an edge over other teams. Click here for more information.

Phenom Dual Trigger
Complete kit, reduces trigger pull !!!

Click link for details!!

Hi-Flow Air Fitting for Phenom
47% increase in hole size, improved air flow!!

Click here for more info

Impulse RIP High Flow Valve

Click here for more info.

**See HOT & NEW **

for many NEW Items like this carbon look gauge..



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